Gentleman’s Oath +24K gold

This neat piece of art is my first formal ring. You know how they say good things come in threes? 3D, RGB, Destiny’s Child and now three corners of the Gentleman’s Oath ring. It’s a real charmer – royal look with a touch of texture. Would also work great as a signature seal if you’re fancy like that and need to seal envelopes with wax.

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Materials: Sterling Silver .925 with Gold .999 goldplated inlay and hand polished.

Every piece of jewelry is hallmarked according to the material. I only use ethically source and high quality precious metals like silver .925, gold .585 & .750.

All sizes are custom made – simply select your size. Check my ring sizing guide here.

Please allow up to 13 to 21 business days for the jewelry to be made.


Please take the time to check your exact ring size at a local jewelry shop before placing your order. Every piece is made to order so I don’t accept returns, unless You received a wrong or damaged item.

All designs, products and photos may not be copied, reproduced or sold without the written consent of Keefirivunts OÜ.

COVID-19: Delivery may be delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. In most cases, the delivery is completed within 1 to 2 weeks, but depending on the circumstances of each country, it may take more than a month to deliver.


14.88mm – 4 US, 15.29mm – 4.5 US, 15.7mm – 5 US, 16.1mm – 5.5 US, 16.51mm – 6 US, 16.92mm – 6.5 US, 17.32mm – 7 US, 17.73mm – 7.5 US, 18.14mm – 8 US, 18.54mm – 8.5 US, 18.95mm – 9 US, 19.35mm – 9.5 US, 19.76mm – 10 US, 20.17mm – 10.5 US, 20.57mm – 11 US, 20.98mm – 11.5 US, 21.39mm – 12 US, 21.79mm – 12.5 US, 22.2mm – 13 US, 22.61mm – 13.5 US, 23.42mm – 14.5 US, 23.83mm – 15 US, 23mm – 14 US, 24.23mm – 15.5 US, 24.64mm – 16 US

3 reviews for Gentleman’s Oath +24K gold

  1. Kare N. (verified owner)

    Sai tellitud elukaaslasele jõuludeks klotser, millega mõlemad väga rahule jäime! Kindlasti tellime veel 🙂

  2. Rajveer (verified owner)

    Like the others in my Keefirivunts collection, the Gentleman’s Oath totally surpassed my expectation! I love the uniqueness of its design and the craftsmanship.

    The ring goes very well with formals to casuals and is quite a hunk of jewelry. I might also pick up the other version of it! 🙂

  3. Meelike (verified owner)

    Näeb sõrmes väga šikk välja 😎

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